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  • Core 77–Bicycles for the city

    Posted on December 6th, 2012 Ge No comments

    This is an awesome website: core 77 about industrial design. There are many great ideas. I learned a lot about what industrial design is and what they do. “Bike made for better cities” caught my attention. There are detailed information about why they are designing this and how they made their decisions. The goal of the project is to make daily biking more joyful and remove the barrier for people who tempted to bike in the city. Basically, two industrial designers love to bike. At the same time, because they live in the city, there are issues that they realize and want to change them like the headlight of the bike. As a biker, one wouldn’t want to turn on and off the bike light as they go to a grocery store. Also, bike lights can be easily stolen in the city. So they designed their own lights. The light they came up with can be slide on to the bike under the seat which is safe and easy. It came with a long battery life and simple charger. The light beam is really strong so that it keep the biker safe at night. Here are some pictures:

    Sparse Bicycle lights

    click here for more information

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