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    Posted on December 5th, 2012 Ge No comments

    Today’s lecture was about how people function/ think. Personally, I thought I can multitask.  During the third activity, which participates have to subtract 7 form 100 while listening to a paragraph and try to remember as much information as possible. I did really bad at that activities. I didn’t get the number right nor remember the passage. The speaker mentioned how the public think that people at my age do better at multitasking than generations before. However, there is no valid prof. Some researches actually show that age doesn’t matter. People are not made to be multitasking.

    Now look back at how I always have music and cell phone around me while I work, these are actually distractions. Even though they have became such a normal part of my life, responding a text and listen to the lyrics of a songs are conscious actions. On some extends, they stop me from performing the best work because I was fully focused.

    For the future, I think I will try to isolate me as much as possible when I try to get a lot finish.  I guess everything is not what it seems like.






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