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  • Materiality–Metal

    Posted on October 17th, 2012 Ge No comments

    For our recent project, I have decided to work with metal. My plan is to use trapped curves to show an invisible box/cube. With the help from the workshop stuff, it would be the most convenient to use metal. Since there are many bending and curving, I made couple test strip to figure out how bendy the metal can be. I tried to only twist the metal strip which it turned out to be a big curvy ball. I also tried to only curve the strip without any twist. Then I tried to create a corner which is more difficult. They always turn out to be more like a slow 90 turn instead of a sharp corner. In order to show the invisible box that is trapping the curves in, it’s important to have sharp corners. I am going to do more test strip to get it as close as possible.



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