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  • Research Paper–Pop Art in America

    Posted on October 31st, 2012 Ge No comments

    Research paper jut got upload. Check it out here.

  • Library–find the way

    Posted on October 17th, 2012 Ge No comments

    Today we did a library exercise. I picked out industrial design as my focus to look for books at the library. It was hard for me to find the aisle the first because it wasn’t totally alphabetically ordered. Based on the number that I got, I could locate the area fair quickly. I chose a book that is wrote by Clay, and it’s called ” all the beautiful things”. It is a really interesting book to me because ¬†after I started at college and this foundation class, I found myself finding beauty more often than before. I feel like I am looking at everything form a different lens. That book shows similar ideas. I didn’t have any paper with me to write down or draw out the route to get to my book, which was a mistake. I ended up telling my partner step by step. When I followed her to get the book, she missed the aisle at first because I gave her too much information and that confused her. However, after she found the right aisle, it’s easy to find the book. Based on that experience, it’s helpful to a visual image like a map and the number that labels the book is a great help also.

  • Accuracy

    Posted on October 17th, 2012 Ge No comments

    It is really important to be accurate in Architecture. The metal and wooden cube project taught me this lesson again. When we were making the wooden cube at the workshop, we learned that the machines will take off some material which will change our whole plan. Luckily there is enough material left to adjust accordingly. With the lesson from the wood shop, I went to the metal shop with sheet metal, simply layout and a paper model. The first attempt I had, I ended up with two pieces that wouldn’t match. Because when I run the sheet through the table thaw, I have to control it by hand and I wasn’t very conscious about keeping it straight. The second time that I explored. It came out much better and they start to form a cube. Experience with the machines are also very important when it comes to precision.

  • Materiality–Metal

    Posted on October 17th, 2012 Ge No comments

    For our recent project, I have decided to work with metal. My plan is to use trapped curves to show an invisible box/cube. With the help from the workshop stuff, it would be the most convenient to use metal. Since there are many bending and curving, I made couple test strip to figure out how bendy the metal can be. I tried to only twist the metal strip which it turned out to be a big curvy ball. I also tried to only curve the strip without any twist. Then I tried to create a corner which is more difficult. They always turn out to be more like a slow 90 turn instead of a sharp corner. In order to show the invisible box that is trapping the curves in, it’s important to have sharp corners. I am going to do more test strip to get it as close as possible.


  • Interior Design

    Posted on October 14th, 2012 Ge No comments

    I have been having a wrong impression about interior design. It’s not a subject limited to furniture arrangement. It’s about the best use of the interior space and so much beyond. Since people spent the most amount of time indoor, the relationship between the space and human, the message that the space sends out are very important. They are often use of color, shape, simplicity, intersection of plains and etc.

    Here are some sample pictures: