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  • Film Photograph

    Posted on September 26th, 2012 Ge No comments

    All the experience I have with photograph is film. Film gives users more control in comparison to digital which could be either really beneficial or ruin many photos. Depending on the lighting, film camera user has to decide the shutter speed and F-stop. While taking the picture, there is no auto-focus or anti blur. Everything is done by hand. My first roll of film came of horrible because I didn’t realize how little movements have huge effects on images. Personally, I would much rather use a digital camera when I first started because I could actually learn about the composition, lighting, focus and etc about photograph than crying over a ruined roll of film that I had been excited about. However, maybe because I took the hard way (black and white film), I have a deeper understanding of the importance of value. Everybody should try at least one roll of film and print themselves. It is so much fun.

    Here is a link to the wikipedia page about film vs digital :

    My favorite part about film photograph is the printing process. There are so many possibilities and great ideas in a dark room. The printer can crop, zoom in (without blur the image), add filter to change values, burn or dodge the image and etc. It is basically a photoshop in a small chemical dark room. There are definitely more you can do with photoshop but all the tricks in the dark room are enough to make a good print.

    Here is a blog called :I still shoot film :