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The open-access journal found in the Journal of Ergonomics. They are an international open-access journal that publishes research in health, automotive, ergonomics, and engineering disciplines. All the research publications are available online for free without restrictions or any subscriptions. All publications are peer-reviewed by subject matter experts in the field. An array of research publications is accepted such as methodology articles, review articles, commentaries, letters to the editors, case reports, and short communications. There are three experts that sit on the editorial board. The journals main contact is in Brussels, Belgium, but they have an office in Barcelona, Spain.

The goal of the journal is to create a course of scholarly research from research across the roll to increase accessibility to research to greater the global research community. Their mission is “to help accelerate the pace of discovery by offering solutions to international researchers and help them publish their work in the best journals” (Longdom, 2020). The journal does not position itself within the open access movement. The only description of open access is in a sentence of their mission statement. However, within their copyright information under the publication ethics, they mentioned that they follow Scholars Open Access publishing policies.

I think this journal provides important resources to many researchers across the globe. I feel that most journal publishers take advantage of their platform and make it extremely complicated to get access to research. To me, the hardest part of the research is trying to access research articles for the literature review. Often once you find an abstract that sounds interesting it takes another 45 minutes and 27 open tabs to figure out where you can download the entire article from.

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