Digital Story Quilts

This website houses stories collected at the Appalachian Storytelling Event held on June 24, 2013 at Solitude on the Virginia Tech Campus.

*The original story quilt squares are currently on display in the main library at Virginia Tech.

Jack and the Robbers

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To see and hear each individual’s story, click on the quilt.

Participants were asked to choose their favorite animal out of the story and explain why they chose that one OR they were to put a completely new animal in the story and explain what that animal might do to fight off the robbers.

This story is about the time when Jack gets so fed up with his parents that he runs away.  As he sets off on his adventure, he runs into one farm animal after another who is being cast off for being old and useless on the farm.  He soon finds himself traveling with a whole band of creatures — a rooster with only a few feathers left to his name, a barn cat with half a tail and one ear — just to name a few of the  cast-off farm critters Jack befriends.  They find themselves in front of a house that seems deserted and upon entering, find the table set for a feast.  They decide this must be a hide-out for robbers and after eating their fill of the food, they settle in for the night and prepare for a fight.

When the robbers do get back to their place, they are in for quite a few surprises as each animal in the band gives the first robber to enter a terrible greeting.  The robber is fooled into thinking there is a whole group of men inside the house and urges his other villain buddies to leave. The animals prove their worth in this episode and they find the robber’s gold and strike it rich. Jack then goes home with the animals to live with his family.

Soldier Jack and other tales

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To see and hear each individual’s story, click on the quilt .

In this tale, Jack has returned from war and is rewarded by the king for his noble service with bread.  On his way home he has compassion on a beggar man and gives him the bread.  In return Jack receives from the beggar a magic vial and a magic sack.  He then outsmarts three devils who want to play poker to get his treasures.  He also ties death up in his sack!

Included in this quilt are some squares where participants created their own unique stories.

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