How can we use the past to impact the future?

Bodenhamer, Aysha. “King Coal: A Study Of Mountaintop Removal, Public Discourse, And Power In Appalachia.” Society & Natural Resources 29.10 (2016): 1139-1153. Academic Search Complete. Web. 25 Sept. 2016.   Coal elites argue that the coal industry promotes longevity, employment, energy security, while exhibiting aggression towards the grass roots environmentalists. The grass roots environmentalists argue … Continue reading “How can we use the past to impact the future?”

Self Evaluations

  I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I learned so much about the region in such a small amount of time, and it made we want to continue to learn about the course. I am fascinated by the coal industry; I think because the area has so much potential to move forward as coal continues to … Continue reading “Self Evaluations”

Final Post

Dear Future President Donald Trump, Appalachia is a unique and special part of the United States that is home to not only the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, but a plethora of stereotypes. These presumptions are true to some individuals, but they do not apply to everyone in the region. There first inhabitants of the region … Continue reading “Final Post”


Trampoline is a literally achievement. Gipe takes a society that is stereotypically described as uneducated and shallow. He takes a group of so called helpless individuals and shows to the reader how these individuals can be empowered just like everyone else. When a person is passionate about something they will fight for what they feel … Continue reading “Trampoline”


Something happened to my coal flowers and they did not turn out the way they were supposed to. Here is a picture of what they are supposed to look like. I am confused on the law and juristdiction behind the coal companies being allowed to do dump the coal waste into a stream and create … Continue reading “Destruction”


“Lesser finds that most sub- cultural descriptions emphasize only the dramatic and destructive traits of Appalachia and emphasize the Appalachian people as passive and apathetic carriers of their culture…. Stephenson uses the term ‘contentment’ as contrasted to Weller’s term ‘fatalism’” (Lewis, Knipe, 13, 26). This quote really summarized my thoughts as I have been learning … Continue reading “Perspective”

Appalachian Music

Many different backgrounds settled in Appalachia throughout history, which gave rise to a unique type of music. The stereotypes of Appalachia also contributed to many of the lyrics of Appalachian music. I found Bill Malone’s piece on Appalachian music rather contradictory. Malone begins his piece by discussing “there is no such thing as ‘Appalachian Music.’” … Continue reading “Appalachian Music”


Marco Williams directed an entire movie based off the different in viewpoints between African Americans and Whites. Williams discusses the importance of viewing a situation from different viewpoints, “the need to see things, to interpret, through segregated lenses” (McKnight). I am from Northern Virginia, right outside of D.C. and on the other side of the … Continue reading “Perspective”