Final Reflection

Appalachian Studies for me this semester has truly been an amalgamation of epiphanies, frustrations, and excitement. As stated in my Personal Objectives, I entered this class hoping to find far more than some credit for my Area 2 CLE. With my open mindset, I was rewarded with new perspectives on people, place, and preconceived notions […]

The Homeplace Restaurant #experientiallearning

Location: Catawba, VA Date: Saturday, November 12th Time: 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. About 20 miles from Blacksburg in Catawba, there is a restaurant is known as The Homeplace that is rich in Appalachian culture and history. The Homeplace was originally built by the John Morgan Family in the early 20th century. The property featured over […]

The Richmond Folk Festival #experientiallearning

Date: Sunday, October 9th Time: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. Location: Richmond, VA Every year around mid-fall, my family and I make our way to downtown Richmond’s historic riverfront to attend the Richmond Folk Festival. Despite my distance from my home city, I still managed to return home to continue the family tradition. My family […]

Overview – Letter to the President

Dear President X, We as students welcome you to our wonderful university and we are excited to see how you will help shape and improve this institution during your time here. However, as an outsider of the Appalachian region, we do have concerns regarding your knowledge of the history and people of Appalachia. Much of […]

Trampoline Group Project – Music

Trampoline – Music Music and Media Freedom of music o   Dawn was happy when her parents left so she could go to concerts (pg. 139) o   Dawn talks about Willet for the first time (pg. 3)  “Willet Bilson sounded about my age. He sounded like someone I would like to talk to” (Gipe 3). o […]

The Future of Richmond

  Richmond, my home city, is a wonderful in many regards. From the buskers in Carytown to the restaurants in Shockoe, Richmond has a unique culture like no other place. However, Richmond has many concerns for its future. If I was given a one-time grant of 40 million dollars to invest in Richmond, I would address […]

Eller and Lewis

Quote: “The worst offenders in eastern Kentucky in terms of the wholesale destruction of the land and people and streams have been the companies supplying TVA power plants, companies supposedly hewing to the line of their reclamation policies.” (Lewis 67) Discussion Question: Did governmental programs truly help individuals in Appalachia or did they simply cause […]

APS 1704 Joshua Spence 2016-10-07 01:46:57

  Quote: “The characteristics of mining lead to a one-industry area with labor tied to the one industry and little development outside the extraction of the minerals. This also leaves no development when the minerals are gone (McKelvey 1968).” (Lewis 19) Discussion question: Why did governmental programs fail to create visible change in Appalachia? Are […]

Appalachia Music: Does it exist?

  Simply the thought of Appalachia conjures up images of mountain folk sing and dancing to people playing banjos and fiddles. However, what is traditionally viewed as Appalachian music hardly encompasses the diversity of the musical culture of the region. Bill C. Malone challenges the typical assumed narrative regarding Appalachian music, stating “There is no […]