Trampoline Project

Handout link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YyOvV0rPi4Um26cHY4MUHlxXqqzb69337X7Sw5gr3dU/edit I really enjoyed working with a good group of classmates and digging into the different relationships between characters in Trampoline. I always like to observe different family dynamics and this sure was an interesting one. Overall I think our group did a very good job on getting our project ready and then presenting … Continue reading “Trampoline Project”

Pain Killers

This week was an extremely big eye opener for me on how drugs are used so heavily in the region. Specifically pain killers. It became very apparent that these kinds of drugs are very easy to obtain in the region specifically West Virginia. Drugs like Codeine originally became very popular in the region due to … Continue reading “Pain Killers”

When America Was Tough

While reading Internal Colonization it was extremely evident that immigration became a huge part of Appalachia. Internal Colonization says, “Individuals and families migrated to the coal counties from the nearby farm counties of Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee.” The main reason this sticks out to me so much is because there was a time in America … Continue reading “When America Was Tough”

My Town

I am from Salem, VA. It is an extremely awesome place filled with close friends and family. The population is around 25,000 people which feels like a lot less than it really is. Pretty much everywhere you go you see people you know. And most of the time you know the people that are working where … Continue reading “My Town”