This course has made me think more in depth about the region. For example, I like many others did believe the stereotypes surrounding Appalachia before this course. Through the course of this class though we have addressed why they aren’t … Continue reading

Experiential Learning

One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that learning occurs everywhere, not just in a classroom. In fact, the most important type of learning happens outside of a classroom. Memorizing and regurgitating knowledge is one thing, applying … Continue reading

Coal Flowers

Although Coal Mining has a few benefits, it also has lots of cons. The environmental impacts are huge and the health impacts are also great. However people surrounded by the harmful effects are also the greatest advocates of the continuation … Continue reading

Appalachian Poverty

This week we read two different readings having to do with poverty in Appalachia. The pieces discuss the causes, both real and perceived, of the said poverty. Helen Lewis said people commonly believe “a backwards and primitive people cannot cope in … Continue reading


In Music by Bill C Malone, Malone claims “there is no such thing as Appalachian music.” He states that “there are instead a wide variety of instrumental  and vocal styles made by Appalachian musicians.” I believe that these concepts are … Continue reading

Deceiving Photographs

One of Watkins’s main points in Merchandising the Mountaineer was that pictures taken in Appalachia during the Great Depression did not accurately depict life. For example, in the picture below the cabin does little to show the level of poverty in the … Continue reading

Appalachian Feuds

According to Merriam-Webster a feud is a mutual enmity or quarrel that is often prolonged. Feuds and violence are often associated Appalachia, as seen in the well known Hatfield-McCoy feud, but never surveyed beyond the fact that families are fighting. … Continue reading

Places & Names

This weeks reading had a very interesting concept. Ghosts,Boundaries, and Names by John Alexander Williams brought up the conversation as to what Appalachia actually is. Williams argues that boundaries,  are often made up based off of  even so those of Appalachia are too broad. … Continue reading