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  • Mission Statements

    Posted on August 30th, 2013 sarahann No comments

    In geosciences, the focus is on asking and answering questions that have to do with the natural world. To do this effectively, location of a university can be key. In addition to lab resources, it is important to have nearby field sites to illustrate to concepts learned in the classroom. Some of the most stunning geological sites in the world are within driving distance of the University of Idaho, and Montana Tech.

    The mission statement of the University of Idaho can be found here. It’s a longer one. The university has broad goals that hold open the door for creativity and interdisciplinary approaches to solving problems.

    The mission of Montana Tech is as follows:


    To meet the changing needs of society by supplying knowledge and education through a strong undergraduate curriculum augmented by research, graduate education and service.


    To be a leader for undergraduate and graduate education and research in the Pacific Northwest in engineering, science, energy, health, information sciences and technology.

    Guiding Principles

    • To honor our heritage as a premier engineering institution.
    • To attract and educate motivated and capable students.
    • To provide a quality education that blends theory with practice.
    • To recruit, encourage and enable faculty to develop regional and national reputations in teaching and research.
    • To collaborate with others to serve the needs of the community, the State of Montana, and the nation.

    Montana Tech was originally founded as the Montana School of Mines. Since it is a tech school with deep roots in mining and engineering, it’s mission is more specific than that of many larger institutions. At Montana Tech, the focus is more on sciences, specifically earth sciences and engineering.