For this week’s blog post we were asked to find an infographic or article about how faculty are using and/or reacting to social media, MOOCs, and/or other “disruptive” technologies. I chose to find an infographic about how today’s higher education faculty use social media in the classroom. Even though the infographic I found was created in 2012, the numbers are probably still pretty similar today, if not higher overall across the board.

This particular infographic was interesting because it highlights the ways in which many faculty members were using social media in 2012. What surprised me was how many faculty members are using social media both professionally and socially, but have not yet extended social media use to the classroom itself. The top social media outlets included Facebook, blogs, and wikis. LinkedIn seemed to be used more specifically for professional use between colleagues than for use in the classroom, which didn’t surprise me.

I think it is important that higher education faculty learn to use and embrace social media as a way for students to interact with peers and eventually colleagues inside and outside the classroom. Educating students about social media early provides them with essential skills that they will need to succeed in life after college. It is also beneficial for teaching proper social media etiquette and responsibility.

Lastly, I liked the note at the bottom right corner of the infographic:

Attitudes towards social media are fluid and evolving. All perceived barriers have decreased. The largest decrease was seen in the perception that social media is time-consuming.”