Back to reality…

Wow, I can’t believe the trip is over! What an amazing experience… Although going back to work and catching up on hundreds (literally) of emails has occupied a lot of my time, I have had some time to reflect on the trip. My first trip to Europe was eye opening – I got to see both cultural and professional aspects of three countries in Scandinavia! Not only did I get to see operations and lean concepts live, I also saw what it was like to have passion for a job. The people we met at the company visits spoke to us with such passion and wanted to share their stories. In particular, AstraZeneca, Stora Enso, LEGO, and Maersk really stand out. This has opened to eyes to what I want out of my career and what I want to do when I finish my MBA program.

Although I told myself the first thing I would do when I get home is go straight to Chipotle, I was so exhausted that I went home, watched TV, went to bed at 7 pm and didn’t wake up until my alarm went off for work! Many of my coworkers asked how my trip was, but I couldn’t even begin to put into words why it was so great. Of course everyone loves two weeks away from work, but it was more than that! I learned so much from the companies, my classmates, and my professor. To Dr. Hoopes, thank you for all the hard work of organizing such an amazing experience that none of us will ever forget! You truly made the past two weeks unforgettable. To Carol, thank you for all the pictures, smiles and all around positive attitude! To my classmates, thank you for the laughs, stories, dance moves, karaoke, and wonderful memories! I can’t wait until our reunion!

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