What it Means to be a Faculty Member

Being a faculty member means you are intellectually curious and engaged in discovering both questions and answers to issues relevant to your discipline, your community, your country and your world. Your intellectual curiosity will hopefully drive your research. Being a faculty member means you will be charged with disseminating your knowledge through teaching and community engagement. As a professor, a faculty member should strive to involve a students’ curiosity, present the information clearly and meaningful, and create an environment conducive to active learning and questioning. Being a faculty member means you will be a role model and advisor to others, particularly students who you are working directly with. With this duty comes responsibility and ethics. As a faculty member you will be in a position of power so it is important to recognize this and be responsible and ethical with that power. It will be important to be fair, open-minded, empathic, friendly, ethical and motivating; but at the same time to maintain respectable boundaries. Being a faculty member means individuals, governments and organizations will look to you, your work, your department, and your department’s work for information crucial to decision making. As it will be impossible to predict the future reach of one’s work and how it may one day affect other people’s lives; consequently, this thought should guide the integrity of your work at all times. Above all, being a faculty member means you are in a special position to be of service to others, expand your intellectual capacity, be a life-long learner and teacher, and to make a difference in your community.

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