Calico Dog?

calico labrador

I recently came across this picture and decided to look into how this adorable dog got his beautiful color. Turns out he has the possibility of being a chimera. A chimera means that two fertilized eggs merged together, creating a mixture of different genetic inheritances , to form an organism. The cells in the mixture remain the same and keep their character, which explains why he displays the color of both a black lab and a yellow lab. In other words, he is one dog that is genetically two dogs. He is basically his own twin.┬áTo most people, this would seem like a mistake in biology or something that isn’t supposed to happen but instead it turned out to be a beautiful creation.

Although chimera usually only occurs in animals, there are some cases where chimera happens in humans. These people can have skin pigments, two different eye colors, or other various things. For example, the person that lives can absorb the other twin or a male can possess female reproductive parts and vice versa. Without a doubt, these events in general are quite mind-blowing on its own and it just makes you wonder what other crazy possibilities can occur during the development of an organism.

All the many things that happen during the development of an organism is such an elaborate, intriguing, yet amazing, process; it makes for learning about developmental biology that much more interesting. I’m excited to see what this course has in store for me this semester!