Design Video


Designing is a driving force in my life that keeps me going through various conflicts and struggles. With design, there is also a way with creativity. It does not matter how difficult the problem gets or how difficult the problem is; there is always a way. The solution may be substandard, or even risky; however, it is still a solution. Whether the conflict is internal or external, the solution takes its form in various ways. From my previous years of education I have learned that unwelcomed matters or situations are solved through innovation in design. For instance, in Product Design class I was assigned a task where I had to transform an old, decaying chair into a refurbished night stand. Tackling the objective of the task was difficult because I believed that a chair cannot become anything else since it was purposely created as a chair. After several minutes of contemplating, I concluded that I was overthinking the project. I then started to become more open minded, in which finally lead me to the solution. After figuring out and building my design, I was filled with joy as I gaze upon the first furniture I have ever created.

In ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘Seeing Design,’ open-mindedness is almost always essential in the design process. Being open minded to new ideas allowed me the opportunity to change what I think and how I view the world. When I open my mind, I am more likely to be creative and carefree rather than being in control of my thoughts. Furthermore, I learned that, with open-mindedness, every mistake is a chance to learn something new.One cannot grow if you he/she do not allow themselves to make mistakes.

In these classes I began to think more systematically rather than being spontaneous when doing my work. The process of planning became a huge part of the designing because it is the basis of what one needs to complete a goal. Without planning, mistakes are more likely to happen and one has to start all over again.

Exploration and experimentation are keys to creating successes and failures in design. I learned that experimentation can lead to some interesting surprises that can evolve into something new. Through experimentation I end up learning much about myself and the things that I am doing. Furthermore, patience is a designer’s virtue because experimenting can lead to frequent failures.

I believe that in the future, I will be challenged with conflicts that focuses on incorporating design, as well as trying to make a design useful in order for our generation to apply and use. I enjoy creating and being able to use what I create. I also enjoy sharing my unique ideas to my peers to solve problems that are not easily solved. The ability to design an object, make it tangible, and make a global difference is what inspired me to become an industrial designer. Design develops our knowledge which, in turn, provides new ways of solving problems–from making a delectable dinner when one does not know how to cook to painting an unimaginable portrait when one cannot afford a full box of paints.