Designing our own font was a progression of improvement. At first, we studied the form of the letter B and studied why it is shaped the way it is. We then explored more on the letter B by rendering other forms. I incorporated some of the Gestalt principles of design to draw my letter B’s. After a class of critique, I chose the cube font to work with, since its 3-dimensional form is different from the other fonts that I designed. By practicing more with its rules and regulation, I rendered a word and used other letters. Designing the alphabet and the numbers with my cube font took a lot more time. I kept the letters look the same as much possible by using a grid.The font also requires the letters to be in isometric view, in which made me draw more guidelines on top of the grid. Using Adobe Illustrator to create a graphic file became much more effortless. With the pen tool, I traced over the scanned photo of my original design. The final production was satisfying. Finishing the whole alphabet with my own font helped me create my Rubik’s Cube event poster.




Alphabet and Numbers

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