Group Project

 Designing a playground for the children at the Rising Sun Montessori school gave me the opportunity to collaborate with my industrial design class mates before the second year. For the first time, I was able to act like I was in my career by surveying the kids and the teachers. With that, I was able to continue on the practice of researching and sketching.

 The main aspect of the playground is to move the earth for the children to interact with it. Throughout the area are small mounds and hills where children can run around on. One hill has a tunnel to which kids can crawl into. This then continues into a sandbox, which then leads to a mud kitchen, a slide, and a climbing structure. The older children were also interested in having a space for a fairy garden. My group rendered and modeled a fairy garden hut where the kids can create smaller fairy houses and even plant a garden.





I benefited on my skill of sketching to render what the sections of the playgrounds would look like in real life.

 Collaborating with my group mates had its challenges; however, the purpose of a challenge is to improve oneself and I feel I have improved on my communication skills, as well as sketching. Experiencing this project made me more excited about my future years in Industrial Design.

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