Event Poster

 Combining both our skills in Adobe Indesign and Illustrator, we created posters that closely related to our fonts. It was a challenge to decide what type of event can relate to my font. The closest and actual event I discovered was the Rubik’s Cube competition that comes yearly. My layout consisted of squares that mimics the Rubik’s Cube. I varied the sizes of the squares to create hierarchy and to make the poster look more dynamic. The colors are specifically chosen to mimic the colors of the Rubik’s cube itself.


At first, I planned of showing the actual cube in my poster; however, having only one object in the center of the poster makes it less interesting. I then had the challenge of filling up my poster in some way that it does not overwhelm the viewer.


I took advantage of the arrangement of the words “Rubik’s” and “Cube” by combining them both and creating a figure similar to the golden rectangle. I then filled the surrounding of the letters with the squares and the information of the event. Moreover, the top and bottom of the poster is equal to each other, even though the arrangement of the varying sized squares differ.

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