Design Build


Our design build project focused on user experience and interacting with the natural phenomena. I chose the elements of wind, sun, and human interaction/curiosity to create an installation of fabrics. Inspired by French environmental artist, Edith Meusnier, I designed an installation that shows the elegance of fabric, even when pulled to its extremity. I was admired by the smooth texture and curves that were created when a tensile fabric is stretched. The four pillars by the architecture plaza was just the right site for this installation to be executed, since the distance between each poles were not too near nor far. I chose the triangle as my form because of its simplicity. I also had more freedom in designing the arrangement for the fabric since its area is smaller compared to a square. Moreover, I wanted to be efficient with the cost of the fabric. The ordering system starts at the bottom fabric. The installation creates a rotation while each tarp is placed on top of the other. Furthermore, the angles of each tarp is the opposite of the other, to create direction. Furthermore, the colors were specifically chosen to simulate the colors of nature.



I was challenged by the arrangement of the tarps since there were so many possibilities. I did not want to create a roof out of the tarps because I wanted people to interact with it. With the critiques of my studio mates, they helped me think more about my decisions for this project.



The model made it easier for me to imagine what my installation would look like in real life. It also guided me to the precautions I should know about before building it. For example, connecting fabric to three pillars makes the shape of an isosceles triangle. If not considered, the sides of the fabric would create awkward folds.

On Site

Close up

For the attachments, I used ellipsed links and ribbons to connect the fabric. In order to sew them together, I used an awl kit, a hand-sewing tool for leather and thick fabrics. Each rope had a length of five feet. The excess rope was then encircled around its own to make it look clean.

Far view

Finally installing the fabrics was the most suspenseful part of the project. It took about six hours to put up the tarps, making sure that each were at the correct angles and each were tied securely. Overall, the making design build project was definitely a great challenge. I was not only thinking of my own user experience, but also everyone else’s.

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