The Foundations class had several studies concerning the relativity of color.

Basquiat Screen prints 

Screen printing was a step-by-step process that was enjoyable to the class. We were able to screen print on anything, using any type of colors and papers we desired. In this assignment, we also explored how color is relative to each other.

Redefining the color wheel

A different composition of the color wheel was rendered in order to understand how primary, secondary, and tertiary colors are created.

Color and Texture

During the Fall season, the class drew and colored different types of leaves that showed plenty of hues and shades. I chose my leaves based on its textures and how the textures affected the color of the leaves.

Mixture of color

The mixture of two complementary colors was experimented to explore the progression of its hues and shades.

The relationship of music and color

The combination of music and color gave us an abstract view of how we “hear” color.

Illustrator Design


An exploration to Adobe Illustrator, we created a design of using two letters in order make a composition of how shape and color relate to each other.


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