Dissecting a Product

After our first exercise, which was to dissect and diagram a page layout, we were then introduced to our second graphic design project–to dissect a small product, explain its structure, composition, and use, and create a poster that provides all of these information.

I decided on dissecting this portable, electric sharpener. The outside parts seemed minimal and trouble-free, but then the inside contraption became more complex and confusing.

Carefully unscrewing each component, I imitated an explosion view of the pencil sharpener. This way, I would not lose any parts and I can analyze them in order. The amount of parts in this tiny base astounded me because I have not intentionally taken apart a product before.

The screws, springs, and varying sizes of cogs at the base of the sharpener.

Electric Sharpener Sketches

After studying, analyzing, and sketching the sharpener, I then started the poster by rendering the sharpener in Adobe Illustrator.


I then combined the illustrator render, the sketches, and my research into a diagram.


Dissecting this sharpener made me realize that there’s a lot more action that happens inside a product. I also learned how to analyze specific components and how they fit and work with each other.

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