Spring 2016 Portfolio and Reflection

What was the most valuable lesson you pulled forward from first year that was helpful to you in second year?

I learned that craftsmanship is an ongoing lesson to be learned in every single project that I delve in. There are a lot of factors that affect the quality of work such as the type of material or the type of processes used in a specific design. I learned that it is okay to not get anything right for the first time. The way to learn is to fail and to understand and to get it right in the next iteration.

What was your greatest challenge this year and how did you overcome it?

My greatest challenge this year was mostly being afraid that I would not make any close friends in my class. I overcame this by trying to get out of my comfort zone and actually socialize with people. I made some great friends and I can’t wait to get to know more about the people in my class.

What was your greatest accomplishment during the year?

My greatest accomplishment during the year was being able to learn how to use After Effects. I definitely enjoy the idea of composing graphics, video, and music all together to create one piece. Although the work is tedious, I like to be able to create things in my own way.

If you were to give advice to next year’s class, what would it be?

The extra work always counts, even if it is from a sleepless night. Do not worry about things incessantly. Some people are better with certain things, but what is stopping you from becoming better than them? Last but not least, smile, as it makes other people smile.

If you were the professor in the second year lab, what kind of projects do you think would be the most valuable to the students?

I feel that using a competition as a project is a way to encourage students to work hard. Competitions usually have deadlines and goals made to be completed. Practicing this mindset in a learning environment would make one more inquisitive and productive once they’re in the outside world. Collaboration with other disciplines may also be valuable because people think differently and lots of beautiful things can come out of that.

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Spring 2016

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