Levitation Photography

Even though some photographers take levitation photos by jumping, most photos are achieved by compositing, or combining, two or more images in an editing software(i.e. Adobe Photoshop) These photos often look more convincing when the subject is captured on the upward journey of the leap. Levitation photography hasn’t become popular due to its extensive use of editing, thus loosening its sense of being an original photograph.

Here are some ways in achieving a successful levitation photograph:

  • A camera with manual mode capabilities, a tripod for consistence in similar photos, and remote shutter to lessen movement from pushing the shoot button on the camera.
  • Clothing is an essential factor in shooting in this technique because it can make or break the realism of the image. Anytime a person lays on their back, the garment should be freely hanging down.
  • An overcast weather is mostly desired so that less editing is required when dealing with shadows.
  • Always photograph the empty background. In this way, this empty background can be used as an underlay, or base, for the overlapping components of the desired image.
  • While using the layer mask and the black, or white brush tool, make sure to be careful in tracing the outline of your subjects so that it does not look “cut off”, which can loose its clarity and realism.

Here are some examples of levitation photography:

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