Why I Chose Design Over Art

Figuring out the difference between art and design has been a challenge to me and it still is to this moment. Art-making was an ability I held on to for a long-while, which helped me improve on observing and sketching. However, when sketching, there was always a sense of being analytical on my details.

A conceptual sketch about the invention of a computer assisted memory.

The sketches I rendered became less abstract and more observational. They became more conceptual, representational and unambiguous.

A still life drawing of a lamp

My interests on drawing and painting themes about world peace, war, and love subsided throughout the years. I still wanted to affect the world somehow, but not by interpreting emotions to someone who would likely walk pass by my work.

An abstract print concerning modern day economics and politics.

An article from Web Designer Depot explains some interesting views on the difference between art and design. One of the beliefs that struck out to me was, “Good art sends a different message to everyone. Good design sends the same message to everyone.”  Art is interpreted differently,thus connects to people differently, whereas the purpose of design is to communicate a message and motivate the viewer to do something.

Another idea that stood out in the list is that, “Good art is a talent. Good design is a skill.” I always felt that I needed to have the natural talent of creating art to create beautiful things; however, in design, one can be taught and learned to create something aesthetically pleasing. One does not have to be a great artist to be a great designer, it’s achieving the objectives of a design while using the elements and principles of design.

I chose design over art because I feel that it suits the way I think about affecting people. I want to change the world not by interpreting emotions but through experience, by creating things that can be used in one’s daily life. I chose design over art because I feel more challenged. This mindset helped me improve myself and the way I solve problems in everyday life.


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The photos of sketches and paintings were personally taken by me.


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