Creative Use of Space and Furniture

Functionality, simplicity, technology, and contemporary minimalism are just few of the factors that are taken in consideration when designing furniture that creates pleasing aesthetics and human interaction. Modular furniture that transforms itself into another purpose saves space, time, and money. Among other things, space is one of the key things an individual has to keep in mind when buying furniture, since not everyone has large homes. Listed below are just some of the innovative furniture designed for saving space:

  • Tables and chairs that fit into a shelf by Orla Reynolds

These slim, yet stable furniture fit easily between the slots in the shelf itself. They can be easily pulled out when needed to form a dining table, completed with a set of chairs.

  • Stair drawers and shelves

Each step is also used as a storage drawer. Drawers can also be built in the wall of the staircase.

  • Wall bed and sofa; Wall bunk bed

Resource Furniture maximizes space availability by designing these furniture that are built in the walls. “By day, these wall bed systems feature comfortable sofas, desks, tables or shelving systems: at night, they seamlessly transform into fine, queen or bunk beds.”-Resource Furniture

  • Convertible sofa

This creative sofa can easily be converted into a small dining table, with six padded stools.

  • Stacked chairs and table

Designed by Frank Ligthart, the Obelisk is a set of outdoor furniture which can easily be separated into four chairs and a small table. After it’s been used, the set can be stacked into a towering obelisk.

Here is a video from Resource Furniture about their transforming products:


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