My experiences with NCEPU Students

Whereas my last blog (Higher Education System in China – as viewed through the eyes of a Foreigner), was directed towards higher education in general, this blog entry is focused more on the students that I have come across here. By here, I mean the North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) situated in the 5th ring of the bustling city of Beijing, the capital of China.

Till now, I have had the opportunity to talk with quite a few students who are pursuing their higher education here. We have had discussions in the presence as well as in the absence of their advisers, both inside the school as well as outside. And the quality that was most salient during all these discussions with them was the high level of motivation that they possessed. Irrespective of their individual fields of interest and number of years in school, their hunger for knowledge was as apparent as was their level of sincerity and dedication.

I have given two presentations till now and both of them have been followed by very specific and to-the-point questions. It was really amazing to see them pick things up as fast as they did and then try to apply it to solve their own problems. Their curiosity to know more about what people from other parts of the world are doing and their eagerness to learn those new concepts and incorporate them in their work are definitely the reasons why they are coming up so fast. As for me, to present about one’s work in front of such a talented group of students has been a rewarding experience in itself. As is to be expected, the discussions that have followed these talks have been highly mutually beneficial. I am eagerly looking forward to more of such interactions in the next few days.

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