Monday Oct. 14th


We finally took our tap essays into our Writing & Digital Media class to have our classmates read over them and point out where we could improve them.


They pointed out errors that I kind of already knew about and had tried to fix, but failed somehow to fix completely. That mostly included my title page where I’d overlaid the slow on the road with text which wasn’t really needed. That was because I couldn’t figure out how to put empty vertical space between the lines of text. After the class, I figured out how to do it. A WHOLE lot of spaces. Another thing was some text that blended into the background images. I had tried fixing that problem before class, but I simple couldn’t get them light enough using the opacity. Finally I ended up giving up since I had to keep going back to the Adobe Photoshop Elements program to decrease the opacity and then go back to Tapestry to see if you can see the text and still see the image’s colors. And it Never. Made. Any. Difference.


The group reviewing my work all agreed that I picked a subject that interested many, even those of my group that hadn’t really every been into the Pokémon franchise. So that was good. That was pretty much all they said on mine. I loved one of my classmates though. She talked about being the middle child. It was amazingly funny and extremely relatable. I loved it. I recommend everyone read it. I’m sorry that I don’t have the link, but you’ll probably find it if you search ‘middle child’ on the Tapestry website.