Wednesday Oct. 9th


I think I can honestly say I’m in a love-hate relationship with Tapestry. I like the way they can turn out from what I’ve seen of other tap essays. I, however, hate having to deal with its interface. We talked over some of the shortcomings of the program in my Writing & Digital Media class today. It was more like commiserating since most people didn’t really have a way to make it’s issues manageable to us when we’re used to a lot of maneuverability in our mediums.


Okay, here are my complaints about Tapestry, most of which don’t have a solution except to write the creator to get them to fix it (which they won’t, because the simplicity is the point) or to deal with it.


  • Only one picture per slide unless you combine them outside Tapestry
  • You can’t arrange the text on a slide to have two different alignments
  • The textbox blocks the slider that rotates your through the slide previews
  • There are others, but I can’t think of them right now…..


Basically, love reading these tap essays, hate creating them. They are better than the straight 5-paragraph essays though. Way better.