Tuesday Oct. 1st


These are the ideas that I thought up for a tap essay:


  • Explanation of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts
  • Explanation to a kid on why seniors in high school act like they do (just came up with during class)
  • Dissection of alchemical symbols
  • What to do during awkward silences (just came up with during class)
  • Why Pokémon should have slowed down their production of new Pokémon
  • Types of Ships
  • Graphic novels are good reading material
  • How to make a pumpkin floral arrangement


Most of them I thought up because I already had some of the material for the essay and would just need to arrange the information to a different medium. My friend and I actually went around our high school during our senior year to get information from other seniors as to why seniors act like they do when our English teacher’s son asked us (he was in elementary school). We sent him the document, though I’m not sure what his response was. We tried to make it as humorous as possible for him.


Other of these ideas I’m just interested in and would have already liked to learn more about…either that or subjects that I knew really well that I could just throw together quickly. If anyone has an opinion on which subject it should be, feel free to leave comments. J