Wednesday Sept. 18th


Technology can have some bugs. During my Writing & Digital Media class we were looking at the rough drafts for out video narratives. This day did not turn out how I wanted it to. My presentation wouldn’t compile into its video version. It kept getting stick at 87%. I ended up just being able to look over and review my classmates’ videos.


With the three videos I reviewed, all I could think was I should’ve put more effort into this project. Afterward I watched some of the videos that were on YouTube with really cool transitions like I have no clue how to go about doing this, but I’d love to learn. I have a feeling it’d be time consuming though which I sadly don’t have time for right now. Plus, this video is mainly to the music, I’m not sure how that’d work with a narrative story….besides the fact that I have no idea how to put a music track behind a PowerPoint presentation so that it plays throughout the movie.