Monday Sept. 16th


Today I arranged a time with Innovation Space to use a recording room, figuring if I’m going to record my story for the video narrative I’m working on for class then I should make it the best version the first time.


Half an hour before it was time for me to use the recording booth, I realized that I hadn’t printed out my script that I needed to read off. Technology saved me. I actually used this blog to post up my script so that I could read it on my phone. I couldn’t use my computer because that would’ve defeated the purpose of using the recording booth since my computer would create background noise.


It actually took a lot longer than I thought it would to record the script for my video. I almost ran out of time to use the recording booth and adjust the sound levels appropriately.


After, I spent hours trying to get the sound to line up with the timing for the slides. It was pretty much impossible no matter what I tried and the settings I messed with. While technology gets better and better, it ends up getting more complex so that it’s not as intuitive as it used to be.