Friday Sept. 13th


I’m taking some classes on patent law and copyright law. I recognized before this class that it’s bad to copy things like movies because they have copyrights. I didn’t realize until I was looking for public-use pictures for my video narrative how difficult it actually is to pay strict attention to whether or not you can rightfully use images.


You can’t actually use all the images on Google, for example, you have to find a special section with images that are marked for public use. It’s awful since that means that there are many times you can’t find an appropriate image for something you’re trying to describe. Also, the quality for the images tends to be lower. For example, I tried to find a silhouette of a lion roaring and found only this extremely grainy picture when without paying attention to copyrights, you could get at least 10 images.


Never before have I so clearly realized the extreme difficulty in avoiding infringing on a copyright.