Monday Sept. 9th


For our Writing & Digital Media class we did something that I really didn’t expect from a college class. We actually went outside and got to wander around the campus for about 30 minutes to complete an assignment. It was amazing. We had been told at our last class to bring the iPad that we were loaned for the class. We took them with outside with us because we were supposed to take pictures that related to out writing process.


A lot of people took pictures of places where they would want to write or materials that they could use to create pieces, like a computer. I thought some the things that I took pictures of were very original, but sadly I couldn’t seem to figure out how to upload them onto Google Drive since this was the first time I’d ever had to use it and I prefer only working with things I know how to use, especially when it comes to turning in assignments.


Anyway, instead of taking pictures of the physical writing process, I focused more on what happened before you’d get down to writing. I took pictures of things that would have inspired me to write — from interesting building architecture to pieces of others’ artwork. The one that I was most proud that I thought of resulted from a chance coincidence. The core band was practicing on the drillfield and I recorded a piece of the music they were playing since often a piece of music will inspire me.