Midterm Reports

So, last week we had a review in our Writing and Digital Media class.

We had to write down what we liked most about the class and what we wished would be improved.

As you might expect of a liberal arts class in a technology-central university, we admired the free atmosphere when most of our classes are very structured with rigid projects.

Also not surprising, the thing that we want to improve is the journals. The fact is that those assignments that you are not checked constantly on will not get done until the last minute. We had these journals due at the end of the semester, but most had stopped after the initial posts because there were most pressing assignments.

We now have our professor check for at least one blog post every week. Which is good in a way, but disastrous in others.

One, we not won’t wait ’til the last minute to do them

Two, we’re far too used to pushing them already that it’s hard to get into the habit of doing one every week

Three, I don’t really have a third currently, just feel the need to follow the rule of three. 🙂

But yeah, listening to some music put to animes that I know. Gotta say – feeling pretty bummed that I couldn’t pull something like that off for my first assignment in my Writing and Digital Media class. They even got the characters to lip-sync the words and dance to the beat of the music. Admittedly, we couldn’t put dancing characters to music as our project, but there is so much more I could have done if I’d put forth more effort.

Also, I learned that my video’s title “My Venetian Princess” will never be found on YouTube. 🙂 Apparently, it’s a user who posts celeb song’s screen name as well as the name of a song. So I’m safe. It has only 10 views and all I can say is “Thank God”. I didn’t mean to subject all those poor YouTube viewers to my scintillating tale about how I got my doll. I didn’t realize we’d actually have to have people view it outside of class. Many pardons, you wretched viewers, that were looking for perhaps some droll humor on the song and instead had to listen to my voice….truthfully, I’m not sure whether I’m being sarcastic or not.