Undergraduate Independent Studies

Formula SAE Upright Packaging Analysis

During this independent study I analyzed the effect of different manufacturing techniques on uprights for the future Formula SAE car, involving the design of three differently manufactured uprights (the portion of the suspension that connects the control arms to the hub and wheel) and optimization using finite element analysis. The result of the independent study was a design chart that analyzed the pros and cons of each design and concluded with the manufacturing technique that would result in an easy-to-manufacture, lightweight upright that would reduce weight and cost

Formula SAE Suspension Analysis

This independent study utilized MSC Software’s ADAMS CAR program to perform dynamic analysis on the suspension of the 2014 Formula SAE car. Front and rear suspension files were created and incorporated into a full vehicle model used to simulate straight-line acceleration/braking and cornering events. Incorporating flexible bodies into the program to analyze forces through suspension and drivetrain components was briefly investigated. The result of this independent study was a complete ADAMS CAR model that could be altered in future years to match suspension changes and a user document for future students.

Formula SAE Suspension Dynamics Analysis

This independent study was performed to understand the dynamics of the Formula SAE car during cornering and breaking. Through kinematics analysis performed prior it was understand how the car would perform in ride and roll situations, but it was not known what the ride and roll would be when the car is experiencing 1.5 g acceleration or 1.6 g cornering. Therefore, a dynamic analysis was performed to provide this connection. The results of this independent study was a relationship between the ride and roll of the car during acceleration/ deceleration events and cornering events.