About Me

Car_PicFrom a young age I knew I wanted to be a mechanical engineer or a professional dirt bike racer. I think it is obvious which one of these job tracks is more realistic. As I grew older I knew engineering was the right choice for me because  I enjoyed the idea of solving problems to improve the lives of others.

After high school I decided to attend Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. In May 2015 I obtained my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering along with a minor in Computational Sciences from there. I then decided to go straight into graduate school at Virginia Tech where I am currently a third year Mechanical Engineering PhD Candidate.

My areas of expertise are: dynamics, vibrations, fatigue, structural, linear  and nonlinear system modeling, and acoustics. I have worked with numerous projects involving these areas along with taking several classes regarding the material.img While these are my areas of expertise I’m knowledgeable in other ares such as: controls; data collection; signal processing; machine shop skills (machining, lathing, welding, soldering, etc.); and leadership skills. All of these skills have been developed through my time in Formula SAE as an undergraduate student, during summer internships, and during my time as a graduate student.

As a PhD candidate my primary focus is my research regarding the modeling of damage due to vehicle-terrain interactions and improving the method of modeling customer usage in production vehicles. More information regarding my research can be found in the PhD Research area of my website. My secondary focus is improving my teaching skills and broadening my knowledge of new learner-centered teaching methods. To see some of teaching related activities you can look through the Teaching area of my website.

After obtaining my PhD my goal is to stay in academia as a professor with some level of teaching. During my time at Rose-Hulman I was exposed to several amazing professors. This coupled with my experiences in teaching as a graduate student have lead me down the path of wanting to be a new professional and provide new engineers with the education they need to be successful in whatever path they choose. I do want to include that I still find research interesting and necessary to improving society, however I feel that being part of teaching and preparing the next generation of engineers to take on any problem is of equal or greater importance.

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