First snow ride of the year!

After spending almost two days straight grading MATLAB practicals and other assignments I needed to get out for awhile and I was not about to let the weather stop me. While the thermometer may have read 30 deg F but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from enjoying some time on the trails. Here is picture of us at the start of the ride, before the cold weather really had a chance to sink in.

To the right, you can see us after being out on the trails for just under an hour. As you can see our spirits are still high. It turns out the trails had some interesting frozen areas that kept the ride interesting and kept us on our toes. Below you can see where I was working on my track stand. Not entirely sure how long I held this one, but I know Katie was able to walk across the creek, pull the camera out, and snag a picture before I had to put my feet down.