How GRAD 5104 Has Affected Me

I wanted to take this ‘last’ blog for the course to cover how GRAD 5104 has affected me, how it has changed or altered my view of being a professor and the future of academia.

Before taking this course, I had an understanding of the structure of higher education in the United States, but I had no idea how higher education was conducted in other countries. I found it interesting to see the similarities and differences between United States higher education and higher education in other countries. While I don’t have plans of leaving the United States I feel that maybe some of the ideas/practices from other countries can be shared across universities so it is important to know how other universities function for this to occur.

Secondly, this course has made me think about ethics and making the right decision even when it goes against the norm. Going along with being ethical and making ethical decisions is the idea of integrity. I have always been aware of these ethics and integrity, but after this course their role in higher education has become more apparent. While it sounds cliche, my eyes have been opened to the roles that ethics and integrity play in higher education.

I think, this course was a great introduction to the different parts of higher education and how they play into the future professoriate. It opened my eyes to new methods of thinking about higher education and topics in higher education that are not talked about as much, at least in mechanical engineering. I hope the lessons I learned in the class will be resonated and covered in more detail in future graduate courses I take and I know that the information I have learned in this course will help me make an informed decision regarding my career in the future.