First snow ride of the year!

After spending almost two days straight grading MATLAB practicals and other assignments I needed to get out for awhile and I was not about to let the weather stop me. While the thermometer may have read 30 deg F but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from enjoying some time on the trails. […]

Carvins Cove – November

Today I took some time to get out of the lab/classroom/apartment and enjoy some fresh air. Katie and I went over to one of our favorite riding spots near by, Carvins Cove. Below are a couple of action shots that Katie took while we were there.         

How will I be a New Professional?

Throughout this semester, we covered numerous topics in this course relating to pedagogy. For those of you that may not remember, below are the main topics we discussed: Networked learning Mindful learning Assessment Inclusive pedagogy Critical pedagogy Multi-tasking Problem-based learning I know, that’s a pretty daunting list of topics, but don’t worry it isn’t as […]

Does technology hurt more than it helps?

One of the topics brought up in a reading this week is that people are using the web so much that their brane is acting like it is the web and jumps from task to task. As crazy as this may sound I notice that I do this sometimes. I will be working on something […]

Critical Pedagogy

What does Freire’s approach to teaching and learning emphasize and why? Freire’s approach emphasizes the importance of dialog between teachers and students where both are learning and developing as opposed to the teacher dumping information on the students. Additionally, he poses the need for “Problem-posing” education, an education where the problems of human beings and their […]


I am a Mechanical Engineering PhD. Candidate that enjoys researching vehicle-terrain interactions and working on improving my teaching skills. More specifically, my research focuses on improving the road excitations into damage models to better model customer usage. To see more specifics regarding my research check out my PhD Dissertation page.

While I enjoy the research I perform, I also have a strong passion for teaching. While at VT I am working to get certificates in Engineering Education and the Future Professoriate. Both of these certificates compliment my teaching experiences and my teaching philosophy. For more information regarding my teaching philosophy and experiences check out my Teaching page.

While my research and graduate teaching experiences take priority I still have to get out and have some fun mountain biking (MTB) or going on adventures. Check out my Adventures page to see some exciting shots from my MTB and other outdoor adventures.