Sunday, January 8, 2012

This morning we arrived to Santiago, Chile around 6:30 AM Eastern time after our flight was delayed over an hour in Miami last night.  I was able to see some of the Andes on the way in and what a sight they were to behold!  On our drive from the airport to the hotel the scenery reminded me of some parts of Spain and Italy.  As we entered the city, our driver pointed out a building and informed us that it will be the tallest building in South America next year after it’s completed.  I also noted that there was not much water in a river (Marpocho River) and what water there was appeared to brown.  After reading some information about Santiago, I discovered that the Mapocho River’s name comes from the Mapuche word Mapachuco and means “water which penetrates the earth.”  In addition, the streets of Santiago are very quiet today because people relax and take it easy here on Sundays.

I spoke too soon!  After lunch we decided to go and do a little sight seeing around the city.  By that time people were starting to come out and by the time we got back to the hotel it seemed almost as if everyone in the city was out and about.  It’s hard to imagine what it’s like on a normal weekday.We walked around the Santiago and took the funicular up to see the Virgen de Santiago and were able to view the Andes and the city from above.

I’ve been surprised by how many dogs there are here, both on and off leashes.  Also, Chileans use different words for certain items that I’ve learned.  For example, “palta” means avocado.  Until tomorrow . . .

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