Monday, January 9, 2012

Today we visited the Universidad de Chile and met with Dr. Daniel Wolff (Director of Graduate Studies and Vice President of Academic Affairs), faculty, and graduate students in similar disciplines to us.  I learned that their equivalent to a Department of Food Science and Technology is a combination of two departments, Food Chemistry and Food Microbiology, in two separate faculties.  In comparison to the size of Virginia Tech, the number of students enrolled is similar; however, the University of Chile has fewer Ph.D. programs at just 36.

One of the topics that I found interesting was that the university is working towards reaching international standards.  Graduate students at the University of Chile can apply for fellowships to study abroad, but they are only allowed to apply to the top 150 ranked schools by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.  The university offers 60 scholarships for graduate students to study abroad and 20 scholarships for foreign graduate students to come to study in Santiago.  We were informed that just last year the university president, Victor L. Perez Vera, said the University of Chile needs to become more inclusive.  In the past and still to this day the regional and geopolitical circumstances have affected the internationalization of the university.  It was touched upon that there needs to exist social equity with quality.  Lastly, even though this fact does not apply directly to my field of study, I found it fascinating that Chile has 56 schools of Architecture.

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