My Biography

Hi! First, let me thank you for visiting this page. My name is Seied Ali Safiabadi Tali (you can call me Ali!:)). I am currently a 3rd-year electrical engineering Ph.D. student at Virginia Tech. My area of research is Optoelectronics. My current research is about plasmonic systems with the application in nonlinear optics. Yet, my research interests are wider and include almost anything related to plasmonics and photonics, as well as terahertz devices.
I was born in 1991 in Mashhad, the second largest city in Iran. After taking the national university entrance exam in Iran, I got eligible to start my undergraduate studies in Fall 2009 in the school of ECE, the University of Tehran, which is the first established and one of the most prestigious universities of the country. It was in the 6th semester of B.Sc. that I got interested in semiconductor electronics upon joining the “Thin Film Lab (TFL)”. After finishing my B.Sc., due to the records in my first six semesters of my Bachelor’s (I was ranked 9th among 150 electrical engineering students and 2nd among the electronics students during my first six semesters), I got eligible to pursue my education as a M.Sc. student in the same university without taking the national M.Sc. entrance exam. I was so inspired by TFL and its researches that I decided to choose semiconductor devices as my major in graduate study.
Pursuing my inspiration, I commenced the course of my study leading to M.Sc. in Electronics, Semiconductor Devices at Electrical and Computer engineering department of the University of Tehran in Fall 2013.
After finishing my M. Sc. I decided to pursue my Ph.D. in a more prestigious university abroad. The belief in the idea of expanding my point of view and experiencing new environments in terms of people, professors, society, etc. I started my applications by Virginia tech and fortunately, I got admitted here before even starting the application process for anywhere else. As a graduate student in VT, I have also served as a TA for 4 semesters. While the first time I was the TA to teach three sections of the “electronics II lab”, I had a completely different experience for the other 4 times. For them, I was assigned the task to establish the new lab called “Optoelectronics lab” and its related course “ECE3174”. In addition to academic activities, I also served as the president of the “Iranian Society at Virginia Tech” for one year.
My hobbies include exercising, reading books, watching movies, hanging out with friends, etc.