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Teaching in 21st Century: Transitioning from Student Standardization

In his Ted talk on “What is school for?”, Seth Godin informs us that the current school system is in fact like an assembly line that processes the kids to turn them into “standard” human beings.  In this regard, the … Continue reading

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Critical faith and dynamic religion

Several religions and schools of thought have emerged throughout the history of mankind. Almost always, religions attract followers by the promise of giving meaning to human lives, which serves to help them make their peace with the fact that they … Continue reading

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Adding the digital flavor to the traditional pedagogy

Despite the growing demand for digital pedagogy and the creation of a massive amount of online courses over the web, most universities still prefer the traditional in-class style of teaching. Nonetheless, as I explain in this short essay, adding the … Continue reading

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Problem-based learning vs. the classic style: A trade-off is a better choice.

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is a pedagogical approach and curriculum design methodology often used in higher education and K-12 settings [Savery, J. R., & Duffy, T. M. (1995)]. In this method, the teacher exposes the students to “challenging, open-ended problems with … Continue reading

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Active learning and sense of belonging in the class

Based on the definition, active learning is “an approach to education that does not consider students the passive recipients of knowledge transmitted from an expert, but rather, active agents in their own learning.” The approach of active learning offers two … Continue reading

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Discovering my authentic teaching style

I always try to have a keen eye to learn the engaging behaviors that I observe in the teaching styles of other people. However, I have my own philosophy and do not believe in blindly imitating anyone to build my … Continue reading

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