Future of the university

Remarkable changes, driven by the new work order, globalization and rapid technological change, is Pushing universities to redefine their role and the value they provide to their students and wider society. Out of the several ways that the universities will likely change in the future, I discuss the “customized and on-demand” and “Quality career advice” aspect here.
“Universities of the future will offer you access to learning in real time, from anywhere. Your flexible learning experience will be available on-demand, 24/7 and will be tailored to what you want to achieve. And you’ll be able to study in multiple modes, switching seamlessly between on-campus, blended, or wholly online, to suit your lifestyle and fit study with your work and other activities.” This is a big change compared to the classical style in which, the learning process from the university side could only happen in limited and specified hours and in specific places. The impact will be much higher efficiency of learning for the society as this new style not only provides a much broader range of people the opportunity to learn but also gives much more flexibility to people to learn which could highly increase the quality of the learning process.
For the second aspect, it is truly told that future universities “will go beyond career advice in the traditional sense. It will extend to ensuring students have the full range of skills they need before and after graduation, so they’re able to successfully navigate the world of work”. The reason is that as the competition for absorbing new students intensifies, the most probable academic institutions to survive are those who can give the students life-long career-related skills. The ones who do not do that will eventually lose the interest of the community and will be forced to shrink.

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  1. Maryam Moarefian says:

    Very interesting post!
    Flexibility in the learning styles of is a very interesting factor of the future higher ed.
    Adaptation to the flexible styles should be addressed in the future of higher education.

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