Camping Trip Part 1

We set up camp at Pandamatenga along a watering hole. Just across from it were various family groups all sharing a drink. We had the honor of sharing lunch, dinner, and breakfast with them the following morning. Witnessing an African sunset with these families of elephants was a night to remember.

Breakfast with the Baboons

It’s become a normal occurrence for baboons to visit right outside of our fence around breakfast time. This mother with baby are common visitors and today we were able to spend time staring at each other through the fence. A breakfast to remember.

However, we later learned that it’s not a good sign to have baboons sitting out watching you eat because they probably want to ransack your kitchen(!)

Dorito the Spotted Genet

The spotted genet at CARACAL has been named Dorito by a few of us because her towels smell like Doritos when she uses them. Dorito is one of the many nocturnal animals at CARACAL and is special because she has a long neck like a ferret and loves her towels.

Namaste Sunset

One of the first days off, we all went to Chobe Marina Lodge for a day of relaxation near a pool and by the water. Many of us stayed till sunset and had the luxury of enjoying the beautiful African sunset while practicing some of the yoga moves that Dr. Alexander had taught us. Quite a zen night to remember.

Bittersweet Goodbyes

The day I had dreaded finally came. It was our last day here and we had to say goodbye to the CARACAL staff and all our animals. It was such a sad time, leaving these people and animals I had grown to respect, love, and rely on in such a short amount of time. Although, it was nice to see the amazing relationshops that had been built in the past two months. I will never forget this summer I spent in Africa, where no words, and no photos will ever do the experience justice.

Unplanned stay in Kachikau

After a few days of camping, and a long trip back, there were some issues with the vehicles on the way back home from camping. It ended up in us having to make a much longer trip home than anticipated. We were all so gross and so exhausted, but frankly this was one of my favorite memories from the trip. Nothing typically ever goes as planned here, and that has been a huge obstacle I have had to overcome. This trip allowed me to see my own personal progress, as well as everyone else’s. Sure, it wasn’t the most ideal situation, but we all made the best out of it.

My Brown House Pal

Recently Tom and I have been working on habituating the brown house snake we have here at CARCAL. These snakes are harmless to humans. There used to be two, and one of the snakes was very friendly and enjoyed being held. Unfortunately it passed away and now there is only one. We spent a few minutes a week working on holding the snake and getting it used to human touch.

Fathers Day abroad

Becuase we were thousands of miles away from our families, Cait and I decided to make a pit stop at Choppies and buy a 2$ fathers day cake in honor of the holiday. Of course we could not resist the donuts as well 🙂


Last minute in Zimbabwe, a few of us decided to go to this “Boma” dinner that we had heard so much about. It ended up being completely worth the money because we got to try such exotic cultural food, get face painted, as well as partake in a drum circle.

Jumping into Zimbabwe

On our trip to Victoria falls, Sam, Madalyn, Brittany and I all decided to do the gorge swing excursion. I blindly said yes, not having any idea what a gorge swing was. Once arriving, I quickly found out how incredible of an experience this would be. Brittany and I jumped tandem and had a great time.