Oh Look! An Impala!

Impalas were probably one of, if not the, most common animals we saw in Botswana. They are probably more populated in this area than White-tailed Deer in America – which is saying a lot. We had a joke as a group that every time we would see an impala we would say, “Oh look! An Impala!”


The Kudu’s antlers are some of the most beautiful, in my opinion. Their stripes on their back only add to the beauty of this African ungulate. I have been blessed to be able to observe them both on the game drives and by the side of the road through our travels.

Heavenly Gaze

This image is also from the first camping trip that we went on. Heaven was watching the elephants on the bank across from the bore hole we were camping next to. We could hear the elephants coming for drinks throughout the night (and other wildlife as well)!

A Baby Hippopotamus!

This little baby was popping up behind its mother, I’m assuming, as his pod was cooling off in the Chobe River of Chobe National Park. I had never heard hippo vocalizations before, and was amazed at their methods of communication. The baby was super cute, as well.

Marabou Storks

These amazing birds are Marabou Storks! A fun fact about them is that they mate for life. I am still amazed that they have the ability to fly due to their large size. The storks that we have at CARACAL are both missing their left wings and cannot procreate because of balance. It was super cool seeing them in the wild.


One of the most astounding moments of this study abroad was when we were in the same proximity as this king of nature. I have had many moments of serenity in these past few weeks.