Standalone Ubuntu Installation

I am currently running Ubuntu 13.04 as a virtual machine on Windows 7, performance is reasonably smooth for the most part.  It does get noticeably slower if my laptop went to sleep or hibernation without suspending or shutting down the virtual machine in advance.  Further, it’s just not very good at multitasking when run as a virtual machine.  It is increasingly becoming clear to me that I need to have a standalone installation in a dual boot setup as I once did on my old laptop to really start exploring.  This made me reflect on why I never developed as much interest the first time around, I had Linux Mint then and the start menu and other UI seemed very similar to windows and I had a painful wireless driver issue.  I suppose it didn’t help that I always had to be in Windows to run programs for the electrical engineering classes I was taking at the time.  Perhaps now that I’m done with school and promptly unemployed, I will find an addictive RTS game I can pick up on Ubuntu and let that help me stay grounded, ultimately, I would like to be well versed on this system because I believe it will soon become an occupational necessity.

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