A Country in Turmoil

Fellow GEDIs:

I know that we spoke about diversity many weeks ago, but given the current state of our nation and the conversations that are happening in the news and social media, I thought that I would share this article with you.

Pedagogy of Rage: Teaching in the Ruins of Ferguson

Where are the teachers and the schools and the colleges and the teacher’s unions?


I do not have to address this issue in the classroom, but as an administrator who has oversight of diversity and inclusion issues, I can only imagine the number of time s this conversation and the Eric Garner case will come up in the weeks to come. I am dealing with my own sense of frustration and disappointment and will some how have to help students work through their feelings simultaneously.





One thought on “A Country in Turmoil”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Tammy.
    Always good to keep an eye in this types of issues.
    It was great being your TA this semester. I am sure you gained a new perspective about using technology in the classroom. Good luck with everything and enjoy the break! 🙂

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